Fading Spring Snow

Because of operations, I have not been skinning up here since the spring of 2017. I am four years older, and I’ve lost some fitness. So, the uphill slog is a grind. But it is worth the effort to be back on the snowy slopes, surrounded by old growth trees, awesome mountain vistas, and constant booming grouse.

Looking across the Capilano Valley to Crown Mountain
Looking toward Crown Mountain 1319m /4327 ft

There is still lots of snow here, above 4000 ft., but lower down it is starting to patch out, and part of the skin trip up is planning where to ski down.

A large open patch has appeared where the snow has melted in the middle of this ski slope
This patch will soon divide this favourite cruising slope

Check back to the previous blog article and compare this view with the image from exactly two weeks ago.

The snow-free patches on the slopes are becoming larger
Lower down there are more bare patches and they are larger
Unless some new snow falls, it will become grimier

1 Response to “Fading Spring Snow”

  1. 1 Robert May 19, 2021 at 11:16 am

    I find this blog a sometimes-useful reference for recalling the differences in the snowpack over the years. I didn’t think another report was worthy of a blog article — but maybe a comment would do. Last Tuesday I could skin up (and ski down) the main south-facing cruising slope of Mt. Strachan. Yesterday, May 18, exactly one week later, most of that section of the hill has melted out.

    By skinning up on the east side of Mt. Strachan I was able to find continuous snow from the parking lot.

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